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relationships art print gallery

Tea-Drinkers Lament
Don't Coffee from a Tea Mug

Lingering Moon
Love Expressed

More Than Skin Deep
(Gender Specific Guy)

Gender Specific

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

More Than Skin Deep
(Gender Specific Gal)

Telephobic Lens

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Hung Up Guy

Earthen Vessels: Clay Lamps
Bergen, Norway

Detail from a Plaster Study
A Seismic Event
of Some Humorous Magnitude

Oslo, Norway

Complemental Intent
What Separates Men From Apes

Vigeland Museet
What are the Thousand Words?
Oslo, Norway

Public Laundry
Not So Public Relations

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all-in-one prints are the perfect blend of poster and prose, suitable for framing.
8.5 x 11 inch full-color art print with prose
(optionally mounted to 11 x 14 inch backing)


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