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Photography is the start of it all...

A friend, gifted in the photography of people and activities, asked if I “photoshop” my work. The straight forward answer is “no.” I'm somewhat of an old fashioned purest even though digital photographers can and do now manipulate the process without a darkroom. Most of my work is from digital cameras. I use bigger Sonys because I can do 95% of my creativity right while snapping the shutter. I use a variety of custom settings and techniques that work for me. Many do not know that my results are possible at the time of capture. I also take lots of photos at a setting, with the shutter sound turned off, sometimes making eye contact with the subject even around the camera. They are not sidetracked by when or how many exposures are taken while or if I talk.

I may use software for white balance since I tend to always use ambient light even during low light situations, often putting up with soft focus type results rather than flash which I avoid unless I can't. I may also use software to dodge & burn if I can't resist, adjust exposure if necessary or desired, intensify color, remove my stray grey beard hair from lens image, or otherwise crop.

Perhaps the real gift that I have…

is to see what others tend to miss, in a way they haven't, and then catch their attention. Sometimes I have to give an explanation so as to enable the vision, understanding or insight requested.

The best advice…

that I've paid attention to is don't severely crop the captured image using the viewfinder and shutter since what you miss you miss. However, I still crop there, but with some margins of space, visualizing the final crop and then backing out the zoom, increasing the wide angle or my positioning. Digital resolution plays a direct part because of final format size and other.

If it is a portrait (character study) I'm taking, I believe in filling 85% plus of the framed real estate with the face or other appropriate object. There is no need, in my opinion, in showing belt, shoes, or expensive background...unless those are the objects of interest. Only then, each component tends to get its own picture without visual diversion.

After attending life’s significant happenings…

I may provide 8” x 10”' prints and perhaps a professional flip album with selected candid shots, slightly off center, capturing details not noticed but cherished after the fact. Taken while other professionals handled center-stage.



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“Image expressed words…
…Word expressed images.”

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