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Extraordinary art cards are complete works of art, featuring our custom photography on the front and inspired prose on the back.

Blank interior with removable note sheet for you to write your own personalized message.

100% cotton fiber 32 lb. paper
Ivory wove finish, acid free, archive safe
Comes with a matching envelope.
Printed in U.S.A.

5½ x 8½ in. folded size.

Product Code: CRD-11-015

West View Cemetary
A Place and Time Between Worlds
Mt. Nebo, PA


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A Place and Time Between Worlds

is a peaceful place of rest where gentle breezes
stir the neighboring corn; a site for scent laden sound.

heard are wind-borne remnants that
carry a reminder of children's church picnic voices

so long past that the bricks & timbers of
that church fell into ruins and have been hauled away.

so for those chosen to stay just east of the Susquehanna,
nestled in the Tucquan Valley of Lancaster's River Hills.

the stone foundation place now rolling meadow,
brick shard smooth with fence as if to keep one in or out.

is here beside spring wildflowers and untrimmed
growth within, that the golden tapestry between Worlds

thin as if a scrim in the brightening afternoon
of the evening seen from God's side.

View Cemetery it is called by some or
perhaps in church groups farthest out, the ash grove.

the river beyond in communion with such
a cloud of witnesses is as unto the Jordan if
you can believe, for peace will find you there at last.


(From the May 2nd 2008 Entry
 in the Journal of a Computer Jockey
 by James I. Petersen,


This title has not yet been crafted into an
All-In-One Art Print.

Please contact
if you are interested in this option.

Many of our cards are also available as art prints…
the perfect blend of poster and prose
suitable for framing.




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