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Extraordinary art cards are complete works of art, featuring our custom photography on the front and inspired prose on the back.

Blank interior with removable note sheet for you to write your own personalized message.

100% cotton fiber 32 lb. paper
Ivory wove finish, acid free, archive safe
Comes with a matching envelope.
Printed in U.S.A.

5½ x 8½ in. folded size.

Product Code: CRD-07-003

Color...Touched by Rain’s Light
Along Tucquan Glen Road
Holtwood, PA


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Along Tucquan Glen Road

An unpaved stretch
of Tucquan Glen Road winds unfrequented through the woods of the southern Lancaster County area from which I recently moved. To this setting I have often been propelled by depressing or exasperating circumstances at school or home for a long walk, full more of stops and stares than of steps.

Most memorable
are such outings in early autumn following a light, satisfying rain when all is fresh and refreshing, and I walk with a feeling of never before. Rain cleanses, penetrates, transforms. Its effect on all things is greater once it has fallen than while it is falling. And I feel as though I too have been showered upon.

Color, to me,
is always fascinating. Rain magnifies color, giving it dimension and meaning. Even the unobtrusive "mushroom brown" of tree trunks and dirt paths transforms through rain's encouragement. Myriad shades of green present themselves, newly vibrant, simultaneously in each tree. Round about sings the glory of color so intense, of such depth, and so touched by light as to nearly make me ache. Light, more illuminating for overcast skies, is omnipresent and sympathizes with all.

notes harmonize with the rustle of leaves in the wind whence they are sounded. Pleasant undertones identify a brook rushing, pooling and flowing below, carrying with it my anxieties. A gentle breeze captures the warm scent of autumn leaves, a scent which appetizes even as it satisfies the desire to experience that contagious, calm contentedness which is nature's interpretation of quiet.

From the outside,
I look to the world I left behind, then shed a tear and let go. Renewed by rain, inspired by color, and primed by tranquillity, I am not the same. I have gone to a place that is a part of me, and I have grown.
--Tamara Lee Petersen


(From the February 13th 1986 Entry
 in the Journal of a Computer Jockey
 by James I. Petersen,


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