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Extraordinary art cards are complete works of art, featuring our custom photography on the front and inspired prose on the back.

Blank interior with removable note sheet for you to write your own personalized message.

100% cotton fiber 32 lb. paper
Ivory wove finish, acid free, archive safe
Comes with a matching envelope.
Printed in U.S.A.

5½ x 8½ in. folded size.

Product Code: CRD-05-007

Historical Methods
Traditional Concepts

Transcending Vision
Joyful Imagination

Diversity of Story


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Diversity of Story

As young children we believe in many things that
some have left behind, though others smile at the
encouraging thought of being as little children again

So that our vision might be
with the eyes of the heart, not just retina retained.
A way of seeing is not singular but our paradigms limit the concepts.

What we are and do color our expressions.
Is it reality that is perceived (be it by observation, image,
tale, parable or revelation), or is it perception that is perceived as reality?

The difference can be eternally true.
Not all child-like ways should be put away!
Bring various insightful details as gifts that enable 4-D vistas from 2-D expressions.


(From the December 8th 2005 Entry
 in the Journal of a Computer Jockey
 by James I. Petersen,


This title has not yet been crafted into an
All-In-One Art Print.

Please contact
if you are interested in this option.

Many of our cards are also available as art prints…
the perfect blend of poster and prose
suitable for framing.

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