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Extraordinary art cards are complete works of art, featuring our custom photography on the front and inspired prose on the back.

Blank interior with removable note sheet for you to write your own personalized message.

100% cotton fiber 32 lb. paper
Ivory wove finish, acid free, archive safe
Comes with a matching envelope.
Printed in U.S.A.

5½ x 8½ in. folded size.

Product Code: CRD-02-011

Love’s Cradle Reflected
Bloody Mary
(Easter: Series 4th)

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo, Norway


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Bloody Mary (Easter: Series 4th)

the drink unless, the drink poured
out for the forgiveness of many. Reason seen
was school for the performing arts church family's
church-in-the-round annual passion played on public stage

south of Mason & Dixon. A city
center wide eyed child clutched my wife's arm
tight beside while some time passed till the southern
accents of the crucifying Roman guards passed noticing in the

of the crucifixion portrayed with
solid spike pounding sounds the tall cross occupied
was propped high then dropped into place with wooden
thud to the heart. He died. Others lowered the body limp with

of bolt festooned and placed Him
in Mother Mary's arms held to her sobbing breast
briefly when taken away, the vision never thought, shocked
me of Mary in pure white dress stained on cheek, hand and bosom

soaked blood red, mixing
with tears of grief that no cleaning
would remove from the mantle of my soul. Some
visions do not depart nor render undone the changes of heart.


(From the May 16th 2003 Entry
 in the Journal of a Computer Jockey
 by James I. Petersen,


Many of our cards are also available as art prints…
the perfect blend of poster and prose
suitable for framing.

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