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Journal entries as poetic photographic art cards...

Computer Jockey Journal Cards marry poetry and prose with related photography in a way not normal, having image expressed words and word expressed images. One or the other comes first or together. (A variation on this format are called all-in-one prints, but not the subject here.)

I'll talk first about the words…

Consider them fresh snapshots of the trail through my brain current at the time: not refined or closely adhering to customary English usage. They flow out without little contrived forethought. I tweak them slightly so as to not be glaringly at odds with the world of expectation, but never the less at odds.

I usually create with fountain pen on paper; adjust for state of being, grammar & spelling; then enter via keyboard into my Computer Jockey Journal. Subsequently they are desk top published with a photograph to make an interior blank card statement out front & back. The card is reusable via internal flysheet, 8-1/2” x 11” letter size folded, or via the envelope liner of same size. (As an alternate they are available as letter size posters suitable for framing.)

The story behind the story...

The first card came to me while driving my "beater" truck. (See "The Sabbatical") It all flowed downhill from there.

The Sabbatical was diversion from a professional engineering office life almost totally technical in a computationally graphic sense. After being downsized, not finding similar re-employment, I talked my way into working with wood timber framers. They are very talented craftsmen that chewed tobacco and kept me away from tools where I could get hurt, but valued my gift of analysis back in a non-sawdust area. I love these guys and the humor expressed while creating structures of historical significance with elegance of form.

For another story behind the story...

Take a look at the "Baby Changing Station / Not What It Seems / Amazing Men's Room." While at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Bel Air MD, I went to use the men's room, noticing the sign on the outer door face while passing through. I got to laughing, which is kind of peculiar when you are alone and another walks in! Given the way my brain often works, upon leaving, I went out to my car and brought the camera back in to photograph the the door & sign. Then got a starbucks and sat still long enough to rough out the concept via prose upon napkin, with fountain pen ink blotting.

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