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self-portrait: james iver petersen

reflecting upon this body of work

I've become aware that there are threads of continuity…
Loveliness expressed…enhancing the walk in this world while seeing evidence of another.

I am a professional engineer (structural, civil, PE) with experience and expertise in a wide range of subjects, not limited to the technical, combining the analytical skills of a scientist with the heart of an artist. (Recent Scandinavian travel to the countries of my heritage cleared up a dichotomy…my mind is Danish but my body is Swedish!)

I have designed high-rise buildings in New England and traditional wood peg timber frames; authored handbooks and developed spreadsheets; created stained glass in my Pennsylvania studio and published limited edition items. There is a burning desire for learning while integrating right and left brain activities, which acts in concert with my interpersonal skills and strong organizational ability.

When I was sixteen years old a newspaper photographer mentored me. He owned a turn of the century studio, doing commercial & portrait photography. Officially I cleaned windows, washed & waxed hardwood floors and incinerated the trash. Unofficially, I was in charge of darkroom chemicals and equipment as well as helping in the development, printing, composing & lighting efforts. Weekends gave me access to large format flat film “press” cameras, which I used with “expired” film that I cut to size and loaded for use, then developed & printed for critiquing. This person developed my eye for composition and the unusual. For this I am increasingly thankful throughout my life.

Similar words might relate to my photography and presentation. Some say that a larger world view is limited when bounded by the camera's macro/micro frame. Not so, for me. It enables a detour from life's tyranny, enabling me to focus on the present, seeing the past projected into the possible future. It also draws me aside to experience the new seasons each year, otherwise missed in preoccupation.




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“My work has encouraged others to see differently with artistic appreciation because of peculiar and somewhat unique imagery not limited through word & lens.”


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