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Ink Stained Media is pleased to announce that
Jim Petersen’s collection of
“365 Sunrises”
will be featured in the front gallery during the
Cecil County Arts Council’s
12th Annual Photography Exhibition
November 18 through December 16, 2011


You are invited to meet

Featured Artist Jim Petersen
Opening Reception
Friday November 18th from 5-7pm
Refreshments will be available,
along with the live music of Anthony Nanni.

Cecil County Arts Council
Elkton Arts Center

135 E. Main Street, Elkton  MD  21921
Telephone 410-392-5740
Gallery Hours:
Monday thru Friday, 10am-4pm
First and Fourth Saturday from 10am-2pm

featured image

Statement from the Artist...

365 Sunrises – Through the “i” of an Apple
(Dedicated to the Creator’s Gift)

More than two (2) years ago
you could say I was at the end of my days. Sunset was a possibility for me. Then, I lingered on a shore as my mind gained clarity and my body became animated again though differently, knowing my days were always numbered; the difference now being  gifted by warm recognition unhindered in line of sight to each Day Star extension granting this rest of my life.

Yes, though we called it 365 at the one year mark,
there are now many more in total  (I've missed perhaps a few dozen) photographed at the day's start, with many images taken of the each, morphing into many, many more, amounting to thousands. The vast majority of images have come from the same waterside deck on the North East River of the Chesapeake Bay, looking easterly across at the far shore to Sandy Cove, the radio towers, fire tower, marinas, various boats making way or anchored, tide and storm, fog and rain or cloudy and clear, during Spring, Summer, Fall & the Winter's stiff mantle of white, with seasonal birds and trees familiar. They are all constant but changing. Images are gathered mostly from the North, North-East, East, South-East, and South, although some are West; near or far. Usually at the finest hour (between the edge of night and the break of day) when the darkness rolls away. Sometimes though, after sunrise and later in the morning, afternoon, evening, or at night with moon & stars, navigation, shore & tower lights blinking. They are by date both current and historical.

But the intent here is representational.
I am a friend to the subtleties of twilights on the Bay; dawn to dusk with the hours blue or golden. Like a diamond cutter, I'm learning to discern the telltale hints of color that are coaxed into images sparkling with expression otherwise unknown to others valued.

Here then is the transforming concept:
Nothing ever remains the same. Though my images may come from other parts of the world and other times that vary by subject not here, they all have gone on. What remains are the hints like DNA captured in golden amber; a reminder of life animated. “What," you may kindly inquire, "does all this have to do with the show?”

Seconds literally make the difference
between awareness, retrieving the ever near iPhone, activating its camera with the subsequence hopefully captured, though most likely beyond prime. Consider reflecting upon the fact that nothing in nature remains at the peak of perfection, or perhaps ever was. My advice is to open your eyes, seeing all of creation unfolding differently as it comes to light. Use your frame of mind, and just be a kid again at heart, loosing yourself in the process, knowing that neither those seconds of time nor your convoluted path will come along the same way again. Go ahead and take the road traveled or less, but do it observantly and reasonably carefree, as if today will be tomorrow's.

Send me postcards from images along the way. The format tends to be efficiently brief & easy but will express your own personality. Taken together over time they'll tell a story unique that I'll cherish in trust, hoping to be here or there for you.
    j. iver petersen -- 10/7/2011


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